Thursday, January 19, 2012

News in the Nude

I have finally tried the newsprint mani.  It was fun, and I plan to do it again one day--hopefully with better results.

This was done with newspaper, rubbing alcohol, a cotton swab, tape, (to keep the paper from slipping while I put on the alcohol) and Santee Plus nail polish in M54/Light Nude.  There are at least four coats on my nail, and I still have a visible nail line--not that I mind that much.  The downside to all the coats I used is that it takes forever to dry.

If you haven't tried a newsprint mani yet and you've been wanting to, go for it.  It's pretty easy, and the end result looks good.  Next time, I'll use a cotton ball instead of a swab to eliminate the need for tape.

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