Sunday, January 8, 2012

Experiment Part II

Part II of the experiment would be disappointing if I really cared all that much about the results.  Yes, I'm one of those weirdos who just like to satisfy their curiosity.  That said,  let's continue.

After this paragrapgh, there would be a picture of the very low-twist singles I spun (as much as I like spinning, "spin" is one verb that offends my sensibilities when it comes to the past tense), but I forgot to take a picture.  Instead, I present the singles after washing and agitating and such.

Afterwards, I let my spindle hang from the yarn and spin on its own until it stopped (with some interference in case the momentum made it spin past the point where it would normally stop and then change directions).  After doing this and the aggressive spit-splicing that had to be done on some parts where the yarn drifted apart, it was time to knit.

So we have (from right to left) the original swatch from the first part of the experiment, the new swatch, and a swatch of commercial yarn all taped down because stockinette curls.  The newer swatches are shown on their wrong sides, so the bias is actually in a different direction.

Conclusion:  This swatch appears to have slightly less bias.  Word on the street is that if you crochet it or knit it using a stitch that has an equal number of knits and purls on the right side, like garter stitch, the tendency to bias cancels itself out.

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