Saturday, May 24, 2014

Oh, Hi There

And once again, I'm back to my orphaned blog. In the meantime it's missed manis, spinning stuff, crochet stuff, and all kinds of other creativity. I've been up to quite a bit, really.

Let's start with the crochet. There have been many patterns and many tutorials. I even taught myself Tunisian crochet a while back.  One of my favorite recent creations is here. I ended up needing to write a few tutorials to go with it because getting that effect wasn't as easy as I imagined, so the least I could do was make it easier on everyone else.

As for spinning, I finished the project that wouldn't die and now have some lovely light fingering weight yarn just waiting for the right project.

The Mudpie went on hold after I broke the spindle it was on. The top of the shaft was split, and the cup hook went missing. I actually tried flipping it and using it as low whorl for a while, but I wasn't really feeling it. What I ended up doing was wrapping a too-small wire hook that I made with some spare fiber and gluing it into the hole after I glued the shaft back together.

When it comes to my polish collection, I've actually been good and not bought too much, usually only going for the occasional really good sale (like the time I got a $30 SOPI gold flake top coat at Big Lots for $1.80). I did get some fun stuff, too--metal studs, rhinestones, striping tape, nail art brushes--a while back.