Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Peeenk Wednesday

It's Pink Wednesday again, and there's glitter all over the place.  This week, I have a half-moon tape mani done with a Sally Girl glitter polish that wasn't dense enough for the look and some loose glitter from Sweet Libertine that picked up the slack.  For some reason, the glitter is the one Sally Girl Polish I have that has a name.  The loose glitter did its usual thing and didn't stick everywhere I wanted it and stuck in some places I didn't.

See that?  See that index fingernail?  That is why I can't have nice things, and by nice things, I mean a French manicure.  Maybe some day my index and thumb nails won't split the way they do, and I'll be able to show off a fabulous French.

Base Color-China Glaze in Sea Spray
Glitter:  Sweet Libertine in Peeenk over Sally Girl in In Love

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