Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pink Wednesday: Roses and Jewelry

This Pink Wednesday has a bit of a Valentine's Day theme going on.  I'll warn you it's not my favorite mani, but that may have something to do with the fact that it was a bit of a rush job in the end.  It also doesn't help that they didn't photograph well.  As I look down at it, it's kind of growing on me, but I don't know.  I may not survive until tomorrow.

The stamps didn't come out the way I envisioned, and the franken  left frush stokes that needed to be covered up with another polish.  It was a setup for disappointment, I guess. 


Base Color-Pink Franken
Overcoat- Zoya in Rose
Stamp Color-Konad Red
Stamp- Konad equivalents m13 (thumb), m25 (middle, pinky), m36 (index, ring)

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