Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Wednesday: Jelly and Stripes

Happy Leap Day and Pink Wednesday!

This is a good example of a manicure that just didn't come out quite the way I envisioned it.  That goes for most of my Pink Wednesday manis so far.  Speaking of Pink Wednesday, the color in this mani is more of a magenta, but I'm going to declare magenta and fuchsia pinks, so there!

The polish in this one is one I'd seen around in Wal-Mart, but what really made me want to pick it up was this post on Let Them Have Polish.  I'll definitely have to do another mani soon that will do it justice.  I originally wanted to do a French, but I'm waiting for a few of my nails to grow to where I want them before I do that.  Instead, I did tape stripes--sort a a different kind of jelly sandwich, I now I wish I'd done one of the other ideas I swatched.  Look out for this color again next week.

  It's hard enough to get a straight line when taping my nails vertically.  Add the fact that the tape wants to lift up on the curves and the ragged edged from when the tape gets taken off, and you have a whole bunch of ugh.  Layering on 2 more coats of Rio didn't help much.

Base color-Pure Ice in Rio
Stripe color- New York Color Long Wearing Enamel in French Tip White

By the way, the green/blue/pink glitter in Rio is the same as the glitter in this polish, only denser.

Confetti in 005/Ice Ice Baby

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