Saturday, November 10, 2012

Old Ebooks and Stuff

One of my favorite things to do is trawl through Project Gutenberg looking for things to read.  Plus, now that I have Kindle for PC, I actually download the things I find, which is great for me because I've now added a few references to my library including Bulfinch's Mythology (I still want a hard copy of it.  I'll get around to buying it someday) and some Latin grammar books. The highlighting feature of Kindle for PC has come in handy since there are so many prepositions and conjunctions I keep forgetting--and now I have an easy reference.

Among my little collection (that will probably grow far too big at some point), I also have a Portuguese reader--good for my language studies-- and some novels by people I've never heard of but had interesting tables of contents. I also took a look (if a look entails reading the entire thing) at Wool by Hugh Howey, the ebook that came with Kindle for PC (How many times do I have to type that?), and I really enjoyed it.  For those who want a snack (48 pages, I think) of post-apocalyptic fiction, you should give it a look.

Now it's time for me to go read a book with actual paper.

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