Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Mani: Murder Crashed the Party

So you're at an awesome Halloween party.  The music has everyone moving.  Drinks are flowing.  Everyone's decked out and made up and looking great--from the sexy to the dorky to the creepy.

Then all of a sudden, a guy (or is it?) walks in with a chainsaw.  He gets some welcoming smiles and a few laughs. People who think they know who's behind the mask pat him on the back.  Others are trying to figure out who the newcomer is.

He gets a drink, and the party goes on as normal.  That is, until you hear the chainsaw rev.  It's an odd sort of grumble at first, and then the roar cuts through the music. A subsequent scream can't even compete with the noise, but that changes once people see the limp, bloody body on the floor.  By this time, the DJ has abandoned his booth, and the music is on its own, drowned out by shrieks of terror.

Next thing you know, you're on the floor groaning as life slowly drains from you. You let out one last pained gasp as you realize the last thing you'll ever see is that underneath the blood spatters, your murderer is rocking a killer manicure.

No, I do not know how this post turned into a story, but there it is.  Red drips on glitter over black combine to create Murder Crashed the Party. I don't usually name manis, (though couldn't this also be the name of a band, like Panic! At the Disco?) but I was thinking that that's what this drip manicure looked like --a party with some murder splashed in. Anywho, on to actual mani talk.

Base Color: Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme
Glitter: Sally Girl 812011
Blood Drip: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Honeymoon Red

The drip technique was done pretty much the same way Cristina of Let Them Have Polish did hers.

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