Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bam! Tutorial Spam

In the name of keeping this thing updated somewhat regularly and remembering it's not a nail blog, It's time for some tutorial spam.

The first one is something that I have no idea what to do with at the moment, but I love it and want to share because I may have an odd sort of love for scratch-offs.  I'm the person who gets the car dealership ads in the mail, takes off the key, and scratches all of the circles.  Then, of course, I don't do anything about my "prize."  Scratching is a reward in itself.

*Ahem* Moving on, we have one of mine from Crochet Spot introducing the Invisible Half Double Decrease.  I love invisible decreases, and you should, too because they just look better.  If you don't love them, then I'm sorry, but we can't be friends.

 Here, we have one of many amazing water marble manicure tutorials by Colette.  One of these days I will conquer the water marble, but until then, check her stuff out.

The last one is for the knitters.  It's a pattern for a small shawl, not a tutorial, but it showed up on my Twitter feed and I liked it--I'm not a colorwork person at all, but the designer mentioned stripey sock yarn.  And the designer?  She's funny and awesome and is the reason I'm more familiar with Michael Phelps' crotch than I should be.  That should be reason enough to give it a look.

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